UW Center for Translational Muscle Research (CTMR) 2022 symposium brings the muscle community together!

On October 24th, 2022 the CTMR held its annual symposium. Over 130 people registered and researchers from a variety of backgrounds shared their work during our first in-person symposium since the founding of the Center in 2019.  

CTMR director, Dr, Michael Regnier welcomed scientists from near and far. Although most of the attendees were from the University of Washington (UW) we also had researchers join from institutions located in California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Italy and beyond. Several industry partners participated as well. 

A highlight for most attendees was the fabulous keynote talks from Dr. David Warshaw: “Myosin-Binding Protein C: The Many Ways It Regulates Muscle Contractility” and Dr. Leslie Lainwand: “Myosin based diseases: pathogenesis and therapeutics”. 

Attendees also enjoyed the opportunity to discuss their project with others doing muscle work, the breadth of talks, and the variety between long keynotes and lightning round talks.  Speakers were from seven different UW departments and the Seattle Children’s Research Institute departments of Pediatrics and Cardiology. UW departments included Bioengineering, Biology, Comparative Medicine, Neurology, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Radiology, and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Another favorite session was the clinician panel in which Dr. Leo H. Wang, MD and Dr. Michael D Weiss, MD from UW Medicine, Department of Neurology, Neuromuscular Division and Dr. Vishal Nigam, MD from Seattle Children’s, Cardiology highlighted the importance of communication and collaboration between scientists and clinicians to conduct highly impactful research. 

Five CTMR pilot grant awardees updated the audience on their recent results and newly funded pilot grant awards shared their goals and progress to-date.The event ended with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows sharing their exciting work in short talks, followed by a poster session.

With a total of 29 talks throughout the day, CTMR co-directors, Dr. Tom Daniel and Dr. Dan Raftery played a critical role by moderating the sessions. A big thank you to all of the Regnier lab members who assisted throughout the day.

In the future we hope to provide more networking opportunities by expanding the poster session and having a full reception. 

If you would like additional information please contact CTMR program manager: Katie Dickinson at katiejd8@uw.edu.

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