Michael Regnier, PhD

Center Director – Administration and Enrichment Core
Director – Mechanics and Devices Core

The Regnier Laboratory studies heart and skeletal muscle dysfunction caused by mutations in proteins of the contractile apparatus and develop therapeutic approaches to treat muscle diseases.

Daniel Raftery, PhD

Co-Director – Administration and Enrichment Core
Director – Metabolism Core

The Raftery group focuses on the development of new methods and applications in metabolomics using a combination of mass spectrometry and NMR to study health and disease.

Jennifer Davis, PhD

Co-Director – Administration and Enrichment Core
Co-Director – Quantitative Analysis Core

The Davis Lab uses both in vitro and in vivo genetic engineering techniques to target the fibrotic response and better understand the cellular and molecular underpinnings of cardiac wound healing.

Mechanics and Devices Core

Nathan J. Sniadecki, PhD

Co-investigator – Mechanics and Devices Core

Prof. Sniadecki’s lab investigates the role of cellular forces and mechanobiology in physiology and disease. His lab specializes in engineering new tools to measure cell-derived forces, examining the mechanical cues that regulate cell function, and developing diagnostic platforms based on cell mechanics.

Metabolism Core

David J. Marcinek, PhD

Co-investigator – Metabolism Core

The Marcinek laboratory focuses on the integration of basic science in preclinical models with clinical trials of mitochondrial-targeted interventions to understand how mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to pathology in chronic disease and aging.

G. A. Nagana Gowda, PhD

Co-investigator – Metabolism Core

Dr. Gowda’s research interests are in the area of metabolomics with a focus on NMR/MS methods development and their applications for investigation of human health and diseases.  

Hannele Ruohola-Baker, PhD

Co-investigator – Metabolism Core

The Ruohola-Baker laboratory studies the molecules and cellular properties that are required for stem cell states and their differentiation capacity, both in normal and pathological situations.

Quantitative Analysis Core

David Beck, PhD

Co-Director- Quantitative Analysis Core

The Beck Lab is engaged in pathway reconstruction and analysis of bacterial communities from *omics datasets with relevance to biogeochemical cycles, biofuels, and human health.

External Advisors

Rong Tian, PhD
David Warshaw, PhD

Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD

Jeffrey Holmes, PhD
Ru Gunawardane, PhD


Michael Regnier, PhD
Katie Mitzelfelt, PhD Program Manager