Past Symposia

Online bi-weekly seminar series, Thursdays 8-9 am Pacific Time, covering current state-of-the-art research related to sarcomere structure and function.

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May 2, 2024

Speaker: Dr. Brett Colson, Associate Professor of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, University of Arizona

Talk Title: Cardiac myosin-binding protein C N-terminal interactions with myosin, actin, and drugs

May 30, 2024

Speaker: Dr. Colleen Kelly, Postdoctoral Researcher, Previs Lab, University of Vermont

Talk Title: Insights into thick filament dynamics in an intact heart

Jun 13, 2024

Speaker: Bei Hei, Schwartz Lab, University of Arizona

Talk Title: The Energetics of Conformation Transition in the Powerstroke of Human Cardiac /β/-Myosin: Modulation by the Thin Filament, Phosphate Displacement, and Mutation

Breakfast Club Seminar Series

Weekly Thursdays from 9-10 am at the UW SLU campus & Zoom

Breakfast Club is a SLU seminar event hosted weekly by UW faculty members from various fields and departments including cardiology, pathology, metabolism, molecular and cellar biology, and other biomedical and genome science related disciplines. Each week an esteemed speaker, either local or invited Distinguished Lecturers from out of town, will come to give a 50-minute presentation plus 10-minutes for questions on topics in cardiovascular biology ranging from research to general health issues to scientific methodology.

CTMR-Hosted Speakers in 2024

This academic year the CTMR proud to host 5 Distinguished Lecturers at the Breakfast Club Seminar Series! See the amazing line-up below.

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Workshops on Tuesday, May 21, 2024:

1. iPSC workshop, organized by Mike Regner, Carter Ralphe, and Kareen Coulombe

2. Computational approaches in myofilament research, organized by Mike Regnier

This workshop will introduce new models and analytical tools at two scales – the actomyosin complex and the sarcomere. The goal is to demonstrate the usefulness of these models and tools, then have a discussion of what additional development of modeling approaches would be most useful to experimentalists.

Join us for a special event focusing on Myotonic Dystrophy!

Jointly hosted by the Seattle Senator Paul D. Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Specialized Research Center (MDSRC) and the CTMR

When: Friday, May 31, 2024

Where: E Building, E130A/B UW Medicine South Lake Union / 850 Republican Street

2-3:30pm: HAPPY HOUR

Researchers, come enjoy pizza, snacks, and refreshments while connecting with myotonic dystrophy patients and their family members. All are welcome!

Out of respect for the patients and their families, please keep conversations respectful and positive, and refrain from recording information in any matter.


John W. Day, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, Director, Division of Neuromuscular Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

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