Dr. Ru Gunawardane joins CTMR External Advisory Board

Ru Gunawardane, PhD

We are excited to announce that Ruwanthi (Ru) Gunawardane, Ph.D. is joining CTMR as a member of our External Advisory Board.

Ru was recently named Executive Director of the Allen Institute for Cell Science in 2020 after spending five years at Amgen, where she worked on assay development for multiple drug targets spanning oncology, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. At Amgen, she led multidisciplinary teams to screen for novel therapeutics, characterize lead candidates, and advance the early drug discovery pipeline. She also contributed to the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies to streamline the drug discovery process by facilitating both internal and external collaborations.

We look forward to Dr. Gunawardane’s insights from her extensive experience in academic and biotech settings. Learn more about Dr. Gunawardane here.

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