Aditi Prabhala- Husky 100!

Congratulations to Aditi Prabhala for being selected as a 2024 Husky 100 member! The Husky 100 list recognizes undergraduate and graduate students who make the most of their time at UW.

Aditi Prabhala is an undergraduate student in the Regnier Heart and Muscle Mechanics (HAMM) Lab mentored by PhD student, Kerry Kao. In addition to her academic studies and passionate efforts to support others in the community, Aditi finds time to do research in the HAMM Lab, studying a myosin mutation (R369Q) that results in dilated cardiomyopathy.

In her broader work, she is integrating molecular dynamics with a human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte model to better understand how the mutation contributes to disease pathogenesis. Currently, she is focused on using computational approaches, using CTMR Core Resources, to redesign the heart failure therapeutic omecamtiv mecarbil for her senior capstone project.

To date, Aditi’s molecular dynamics research has focused on the pre-powerstroke state of myosin (green) with the essential light chain (blue), shown here. The R369Q mutation is highlighted in magenta.

Aditi recently presented a poster on her work and also won a travel award to the Annual Biophysical Society (BPS) Meeting in Philidelphia (February 2024). She is pictured below (left) with her mentor, Kerry Kao (right), in their side-by-side poster presentations at BPS.

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